The Farm-To-Wedding Trend

The movement of farm-to-table restaurants, seasonal and pesticide-free food,  and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) has become increasingly popular over the past few years.   As a result, we are starting to see it spill over into the wedding flower industry.   I am frequently hearing brides ask for ‘in season’, ‘local’ flowers, and even organic.  The thought that the flowers for your bouquet came from a small local farm makes people not only love that they are supporting a small business, but it gives your flowers an actual story to tell as well.

Fresh, local flowers just have a different quality to them.  Not perfect, yet when something is left to grow outside, in its natural environment, the results can be spectacular.  Sure, you can get just about anything anytime of the year thanks to greenhouses in Colombia and Ecuador, as well as California and Holland.  But lots of those flowers have been bred to the point of losing some of their most special qualities.  Some flowers aren’t as large, or as bright, and some have lost their natural scent altogether. A controlled environment results in a bloom that differs from the one that Mother Nature grew.

 IMG_6506-2Locally grown coleus, peonies, clematis vine, and herbs.

Also in the local farm’s favor is a new design aesthetic that is trending in the wedding world.  A looser, wilder,  less perfect style is on the rise.  Brides are wanting to incorporate more natural elements such as branches and vines, grasses, pods, succulents, and sometimes even fruit. Looking at how things grow naturally can be a guide for creating different ways of arranging and moving away from the tight, ‘Martha Stewart’ types of bouquets.

blog anna and dane 2 blog photo anna and dane

Flowers purchased from local flower farms around the area…Sunflowers, hydrangea, ladies mantle, solidago, bee balm, dahlias, butterfly weed, just to name a few.

IMG_9977 IMG_9973

These arrangements were also paired with local fresh veggies.  Our lovely bride and groom from California wanted to make sure that all flowers were locally grown for their wedding. They especially wanted to incorporate local farm fresh vegetables.  With the help of several flower farms and farmers markets, we were able to create some great centerpieces and bouquets from beautifully bright blooms & produce that was in season at that time.  One thing to keep in mind with this kind of designing, is that you almost have to be open to different types of flowers.  What’s available this week may not be available the next.  Having a color scheme in place and letting designers do what they do best will always result in stunning florals.

IMG_9961IMG_9972IMG_9974IMG_0067Organic produce from Shore Farms Organics

Even as a smaller floral design company, Green Bee is moving toward growing some of our own foliage and blooms.  We are now growing things that we used to buy off the truck:  Dusty miller, veronica, hydrangea, coleus, daisies, coneflowers, and peonies…and we’re adding to the list each season.  Flowers coming off the wholesale truck don’t always have the staying power of something locally grown and just picked yesterday.

 blog anna and dane 3 These were some of the most gorgeous, vibrant red dahlias I’ve ever seen. With the laid back style of these denim bridesmaids dresses, the bouquets looked perfect! 150_12051R10_24 Hydrangea and daisies grown by Green Bee! Photos by Joey & Jessica Photographs

In the winter, when local flowers are much harder to come by, there are still a bevy of beautiful, local things that can be incorporated into your wedding flowers.  Nandina, boxwood, magnolia, hellebores, and all sorts of deciduous evergreens are all right here.  Sure, you can’t expect to go local on all of your flowers, depending on the time of year.  But even just incorporating a few local elements can make a huge visual difference.

Stump cake stand we cut &  hand carved with the couples initials…too sweet!

So when you’re planning your wedding or next event,  make sure to ask what’s available locally.  You might just be surprised.

Happy Planning!

Green Bee




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