The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers have long been a part of celebrations and weddings. They can transform any event. The right flowers can take an ordinary room and make it extraordinary. Elevate a simple ceremony location to dream-like vision. And then there’s the bouquet, the signature floral element of a blushing bride.  But did you know your bouquet had something to say?

The language of flowers or “floriography” became popular under the reign of Queen Victoria, when verbally expressing feelings of love and affection was taboo, particularly during courtship. A nosegay made up of specific blossoms was a way to say what you felt without actually saying it.

Ok, so while we don’t really put much stock into what your flowers are saying on your wedding day, we do thinks it’s fun!  (This would even be a fun post-wedding thing to incorporate into your garden) Below are just a few flowers and their meanings.  Read on and let us know what your bouquet say about you….


Anemones symbolize anticipation.  The name anemone comes from the Greek word for “windflower”, and thought to bring luck and protect against evil.
Grace Vaughn's Bridal Portrait Session in Reynolda Gardens, Winston-Salem on August 26, 2011. Jessica Lobdell Photography

Rybicki-379 Boonetown Story Photography


Baby’s Breath symbolize everlasting love, purity of heart, innocence, and the breath of the Holy Spirit.

SDP_6426 SDP_5425Indigo Photography



Calla lilies symbolize purity, which is why the white Calla lily is so often used in weddings. They do, however, come in a nearly endless range of colors.

mini calla bouquetAbigail Seymour Photography




Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism, compassion, loveliness, joy, fidelity and long life. It’s said that a single petal of this flower placed at the bottom of a wine glass will result in a long & healthy life. Red: I love you, the beginning of a new relationship. White: Truth, honesty, loyal love.


harbin-192Ken LuAllen Photography



Dahlias symbolize commitment and the eternal bond between two people. They’re used to express personal, intimate sentiments and denote elegance and dignity.

copy2Joey & Jessica Photography

100111_0036 Jessica Lobdell Photography

ambjonwed-nancyray-3082Nancy Ray Photography


Delphiniums are a symbol of an open heart and ardent attachment. They also symbolize fun and playfulness.

2 (27) Danrae Babbitt Photography

198jackson-maltrich0313Abigail Seymour Photography

recDanrae Babbitt Photography


The meaning of Gerbera daisies comes from the basic attributes of the daisy family – innocence, purity and a classic symbol of beauty. Because of the Gerbera daisy’s bright hues, it is also a symbol of cheerfulness. Red: Passion, fullness of love. Yellow: Warmth and sunshine, friendliness. White: Truth, purity, innocence. Pink: Appreciation, compassion.


128Jonathon Burton Photography



Hydrangeas are often used as an expression of gratitude, particularly in exchange for the giver being understood by the receiver. Hydrangeas are often gifted for a couple’s fourth wedding anniversary, possessing enduring grace and beauty.

0179_0168_IMG_5860-1Aesthetic Images Photography

100111_0220-1Jessica Lobdell Photography



Lilacs are the harbinger of spring, symbolizing the transition from adolescence into adulthood. They symbolize youth and innocence as well as confidence. They are both whimsical and sophisticated. White: Youthful innocence. Purple: First love, protection.

Lily of the Valley’s tiny, fragrant blooms are said to bring luck in love, symbolizing chastity, purity of heart and sweetness. They are one of the most traditional wedding flowers.

AH069 AH199AH312


The meaning of orchids has changed over the centuries, symbolizing fertility in Ancient Greece, then representing luxury and wealth in the Victorian era. Today, they are a symbol of rare and delicate beauty. White Phalaenopsis: Beauty. Cymbidium: Elegance, romance. Dendrobium: Love, affection, luxury, strength.

100111_0652Jessica Lobdell Photography

100111_0657Jessica Lobdell Photography

View More:  Vesic Photography


Peonies symbolize compassion, and are known as the flower of riches and honor. They are symbols of good fortune, a happy marriage, good health and prosperity.

2013-05-18 03.14.10IMG_0338 2013-05-18 01.39.48


These flowers are celebrated for their bright beauty, and consequently symbolize radiant charm. They are used to express attraction and appreciation of another’s charms.

023Katie Klein Photography

134Katie Klein Photography

074Katie Klein Photography


Roses are a well-known symbol of love and passion, but the wide variety of colors means that every rose has a unique story to tell. Red: Enduring passion, true love, affection. White: Humility, innocence, youthfullness, serenity. Yellow: Joy, friendship. Dark Pink: Appreciation, admiration. Light Pink: Grace, elegance. Orange: Enthusiasm, desire, excitement for the future. Purple: Enchantment, love at first sight, royalty, majesty.

nancyray-marbarwed-3034 Nancy Ray Photography

254IMG_0321-1 Katie Klein Photography

004IMG_0095-1Katie Klein Photography


A traditional wedding flower, the stephanotis symbolizes marital happiness.

IMG_6501 IMG_3046


Tulips symbolize consuming love and passion. The dark center is supposed to represent a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion and affection. They also symbolize happy years. Red: Perfect love, a declaration of love. Yellow: Cheerful thoughts of joy. White: Worthiness. Pink: Happiness, confidence, affection.

279wilson-boyle0690 P_M_0054Tripp Harrington Photography

Now that you know what they have to say….what will your bouquet say about you?

**All photos are Green Bee’s designs and pics from some pretty talented photographers

Happy Planning!

Green Bee


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