Our Top 5 Favorite Flowers that you aren’t using, but should!

Everyone loves flowers.  Well, most flowers.  We hear it all the time, almost daily….”No babies breath……I don’t like roses……anything but carnations”.

As florist, we love ALL flowers and can’t seem to understand why some of them have just gotten a bad rap. We’re hear to tell you that every bloom can be a breath taking, dynamic, dare we say unique part of you wedding day florals. Read on nay sayers, read on!


These striking, colorful stems give a big bang for your buck! Taking a hit as ‘funeral flowers’, we think these stalks are way underused.  Nothing is more beautiful than large cylinder vases full of glads.  They come in so many great, vibrant colors….even a single stem makes a statement!  Go monochromatic for a colorful, modern punch for centerpieces.


Soft and romantic…..


Clean and modern….


pics via Alexannevents 

#4: MUMS

Long known for they’re fall like color and flowers, we love these blooms for their sturdy, long lasting quality.  Sure, there are the typical bronze, plum, gold colored mums that lend themselves to the usual fall arrangements.  But there are also new, and wildly different varieties/colors that can add a fresh new element to bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements. Dainty cushion mums can add just the right touch to a bouquet or boutonniere….while large spider mums add great texture to centerpieces and wreaths.

Spider mums are packed with texture, and give a big bang for your buck

 harbin-192 harbin-193
flowers by Green Bee, pics by Ken LuAllen Photography

Button mums look great in a structured form or add character to a boutonniere!

LC_0078 016wilson-boyle0048-1

flowers by Green Bee


Daisies…..who doesn’t love them?  I think daisies might be overlooked when it comes to weddings.  Cheerful and wild, they are the epitome of the nature inspired/boho bride.  These look great by themselves or paired with other wildflowers.  One of my favorite bouquet combos is a red/yellow/blue/white  with daisies thrown in….tre’ summer!   Ah daisies….a simple, classic choice, that needs to be revisited.

These Shasta daisies lend a bit of whimsy and cheer to these summer bouquets!

IMG_0043  IMG_0059

bouquets by Green Bee, photos by Joey & Jessica Photography

How sweet would the wreath be hanging on a barn door…or miniatures hanging from isle chairs…

daisy wreath

pic via WhonnIdee



Almost every appointment or order I take, I always hear “and no carnations.”   Previously criticized for being old fashioned, many people think of carnations as cheap, filler flowers.   Yet when you put a lot of carnations together, the impact can be quite dramatic…and cost effective.  One of the ways carnations work best is in clean, geometric shapes (think wreaths, orbs, and lines).   Not to mention the lasting quality that makes them a perfect choice in situations where other flowers might wilt easily (think high heat, outdoors, garlands).  Give carnations a new lease in your wedding florals!

Ok.  If Fashion Week is using them…they’re back people.


Check out this new variety of carnation(dianthus), named ‘Trick’.  It has a soft, mossy, quality that make it organic enough for the most natural weddings…and when used strategically, strong enough for the most modern.


Carnation garland? Ummm, YES……


photo via  Hostess with the Mostess 

…and YES!


 photo via Style Me Pretty


Airy, cloudlike, and delicate, baby’s breath isn’t your grandma’s flower anymore! Inexpensive and long-lasting, baby’s breath is perfect for garlands, floral crowns, wreaths, bouquets….just about anything wedding.  Long thought of as chintzy rose filler, this little flower is trending in the wedding scene.

Light and romantic…..

SDP_6426 SDP_5425  

flowers by Green Bee, pics by Indigo Photography

Dreamy in pomanders and garlands…

pomander ball   babies breath wreath

pomander ball by Tulip , BB garland/wreath photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

So that’s our top 5!  We hope we’ve opened your eyes up to new ways to use these ‘old’ flowers. So when your planning your next party, event, or wedding….give these flowers a second look.  Maybe they’re not old fashioned….they’re CLASSIC!

Happy Planning!

Green Bee


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