All About Wedding Veils

Trying to figure out which veil to choose for your gown?  Here’s a great article by BHLDN & Debra Moreland . Read on!

Though trends have come and gone over their 2000 year-plus history, veils remain pretty much timeless, not to mention so sublimely romantic, it seems a miss not to opt in on the single day reserved for a grown girl to wear one.

Are you a traditional, full length type? The flirty blusher type? Or perhaps you’re thinking of adding a fresh orange blossom crown to a lacy veil like Queen Victoria did when she married her prince in 1840?

When it comes to veils, your dress and venue are important things to consider, but then there’s where to place it, exactly which shade of white to choose, and how to manage the intermittent gust of wind. To help us navigate these nuances, we reached out to accessories designer, Debra Moreland.


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